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The Crew

Title: Brewmaster
Favorite Beer: Alaskan Pale & Rainier
Home Town: Juneau, AK
Real Life Job: Landscape Designer


Title: Brewmaster
Favorite Beer:  Newcastle Brown Ale & Alaskan Amber
Home Town:  Juneau, AK
Real Life Job:  Healthcare Administrator

Sara Title: Brew Crew President
Favorite Beer: Guinness & Alaskan IPA
Home Town: Carson City, NV
Real Life Job: Physical Therapy Student

Rob Title: Product Development
Favorite Beer: Mirror Pond Pale Ale
Home Town: Juneau, AK
Real Life Job: Sales Consultant

Woody Title: Product Promotion
Favorite Beer: Rainier, Alaskan ESB
Home Town: Juneau, AK
Real Life Job: No Thanks

Myer Title: JaegerSquirrel Emeritus/Tasting Champion
Favorite Beer: Rainier, Any Alaskan Brew
Home Town: Juneau, AK
Real Life Job: Maintenance Director

Forbidden Peak Brewery - 2009