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The Story

Once upon a time, there was a quaint Alaskan town named Juneau. A band of brothers growing up together developed their young minds in the great outdoors while fishing, camping, hiking, and enjoying the physical beauty of the one of the earth’s most treasured places. While growing up in such close proximity to nature and each other, a dream was hatched: The dream of working and enjoying life with close friends by your side.

Time went on and the brothers went off to college and abroad – to see the world, to taste, to experiment, to explore. Miles away from each other the bond and the dream never died. Forged in the belly of Southeast Alaska these brave young souls still sought out the ultimate goal – to become united again in glory and fun. Years of travel led to a definitive knowledge of libations across the planet. Reunions involved discussions and arguments about these fine brews. With the microbrew revolution in the Northwest, a thought occurred: could these fine individuals and their new compatriots reign supreme in the great beer game?

The idea of a brewery & brew-pub came across in many conversations, but the "dream" was just that until a gift from the Beer Gods (Katy & Jeff) enlightened us. The homebrew kit was kept in the attic for 1 year- aged to perfection – when an innocent bystander became curious about home brewing. Subsequent discussions revealed that not only were the parties interested in brewing beer, but one said individual already had the necessary set up. The other said individual had an appropriate setting to brew & store beer. The brewery was born.

Extensive research ensued. Dedication was paramount. The forefathers of the brewery became immersed in the great world of beer. Bibles, encyclopedias, manuals, age old scripts, and a healthy amount of our favorite brews led the fine team to revelations never before imagined. It also turned out that a priceless source of information & brew equipment was just a few minutes away from the brewery at Bob's Homebrew Supply.

The founders of the brewery found themselves relocated in Seattle, Washington at the time of the brewery’s inception. In order to adequately name this epic brew business, the crew concluded that the beer should come from a strong symbol that encompasses both the coldness desired in beer and crispness of the mountain air. After studying every mountain peak in the great white northwest, the crew settled on the perfect symmetry of Forbidden Peak here in the North Cascades. Forbidden Peak is considered one of the “Classic 50” climbs in North America. Grueling and yet satisfying, a little known motto adopted to our brewing technique.

Forbidden Peak Brewery was created on the idea of "fun". Everyone needs an element of fun in their daily lives. In a world dominated by fear and destruction, Forbidden Peak stands as a beacon of light in a dark world. Our beer is meant to create and augment fun and happiness. A crisp, clean, cold beverage refreshes the soul on a hot summer day, and Forbidden Peak seeks to bottle this magical essence of fun and adventure. This core value of the company has helped us to spread our vision and maintain a fun atmosphere throughout all phases of the brewery process.

As it turns out, in extensive double blind taste testing and professional evaluations, the recipes that we had the most fun putting together and experimenting with are the beers that are the most popular. What's fun going into the process turns into fun in the finished product. We can have an eight hour day of brewing after eight hours in the office and the experience is never anything less than spectacular. Happy beer makes for happy customers.

Here at Forbidden Peak Brewery we hope to someday become a full scale competitor with the titans of the beer world. This is the beginning of a revolution: join us in our epic journey! We will bring the core American values back to beer: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

At FPB we want to make sure you are happy and having fun, let us know what we can do to help.



Forbidden Peak Brewery - 2009